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Painful but Essential
May 21, 2018
That's pretty obvious isn't it? Why are you normalizing discrimination against men in this instance?
How about let's bring back, in a big way, culturally shaming women into child bearing / home maker role.
For total defence- we need women as baby making/training machines as the econonic pillar in total defence-. Say good bye to women in higher education too due to society needing to maximize the short window of fertility for future soldiers/ economic drones
Appalling Service and False Claims
April 13, 2018
Because their call center are outsourced to other company!
Many to offer
March 01, 2018
Seng Kang Swimming Complex is defintely highly recommended! i like all the 5 slides they have built there after renovations and the efficient swimming lessons from the friendly dolphin swim school.
Heard that they are now also available in tampines hub as well. do check out their website to find out more also.
Appalling Service and False Claims
February 23, 2018
Firstly, you are not supposed to refund items unless they are BROKEN, as stated in the policy. The 14 days was for an EXCHANGE POLICY, not a refund policy. I think you need to consider getting glasses. Even if your TV was broken, you should have let courts check for repairs and not flat out deny them. The fact that you refused to let courts check for repairs reduce your credibility and shows that you're probably hiding something. I do recommend you learn to read, though.
Shopping on a Budget!
January 08, 2018
Noted with thanks.
A mall that’s not quite there yet
December 20, 2017
Hai, do you remember there was a Sundae Milkshake shop?
Pricing is not bad
September 27, 2017
Car rental for CNY
August 12, 2017
They just changed their contact recently, if you are looking for them, get them at 85883088 instead of 81683356 (not in use anymore). Website wise use www, instead. Happy car renting.... Cheers!
Slowly Losing Its Soul
January 10, 2017
totally agree with you, it s just a trash , article are poorly written, it s absolutely the worst window Singapore can offer.
Arrogance and Price Gouging Makes for a Toxic Blend
August 26, 2016
I fully agree with you. I had been a loyal customer for years, but when I showed an interest in starting a miniatures collection, the staff actively hade fun of me.
A 400 dollar sale on the counter, and they decide it's more worth it to make jokes implying I'm retarded than close the sale.
March 16, 2016
This review sounds fake. Have you actually step foot in Cali?!
Not another atas store
February 18, 2016
Not another atas store
January 21, 2016
The cookies v nice also!
May 04, 2015
I agree that D'Good is wildly overhyped. It's been completely packed on several occasions where I'd dropped in with my friends hoping to find a table, but to no avail. It sucks when you have to make do with a lousy table, that usually means your entire experience will be an unsatisfactory one too. Anyway thanks for the tip on their Eggs Ben, I'll be sure to stick to their pastas (apparently quite raved about!).
New favourite bakery!
October 20, 2014
Wow, you make me want to try that egg and bacon bun too!
Keeping it real
October 07, 2014
I agree :) I'm sure she did not reach the level of success she is enjoying today without fighting for it. I do enjoy her entertaining blog posts and endearing personality as seen in her Guide to Life Series on clicknetwork.
October 01, 2014
Just to clarify with you, most restaurants grill their meat before putting the sauce. The sauce is only added after the meat is plated. In a sense having place the sauce beforehand doesn't infuse flavour. As for the reason they place the sauce separately is to ensure the crisp of the grill (in my case I ate the black pepper chicken and the chicken was grilled to a light crisp). You can either choose to use the sauce as a dip or to pour the sauce over. For my meal the serving was pretty satisfying in my opinion.
Nice concept, needs better execution
September 23, 2014
Dear qoobies,

Thank you for shopping with us and for the feedback. My name is Amanda, and I am the marketing director for Naiise. We are working hard to communicate better with our customers. Please do forgive us for the delay on deliveries. We are doing our best to improve on this.

We initially begin with the hopes of helping our local designers reduce their inventory risk, hence we allowed pre-order systems. We are starting to hold more stock so that we can make fulfilment times a lot quicker than it currently is.

Thank you very much once again for your feedback and we will certainly work towards this! 

Kind regards,
Amanda Eng
Light and tasty lor mee
September 21, 2014
If you really like lor mee, I recommend this:

..and take the medium bowl ($4 or above if you want bigger) which includes fish.

In my opinion, haven't found any lor mee in Singapore that beats this.They only do lunch though, and the queues are usually pretty long. Go early! :)
New spin on the old favourites
September 15, 2014
Thank you for your review!

The other way to get to Flee Away is actually from Bugis MRT which is about 10 mins walk towards Sim Lim Tower direction.

For price wise, we try to make things up by not stinging on our portioning as well as absorbing all GST or no collection of Service Charge.

We hope that you will visit again!


Flee Away Team